iOS Engineer

Product Line: Amity Eko

How do we work?

  • We are a team of iOS developers who are proficient in iOS tools and technologies. We build various iOS products such as
    • The SDK that powers many iOS apps, used by hundreds of thousands of users across the globe.
    • The UI library that supports plug and play use-cases.
    • The sample app for showcasing our products.
    • The automated iOS deployment pipelines that help our release process.

You will explore more iOS development with the team!

  • We maintain a large code base that is separated by modules. You will work with an independent feature team, and you will be focusing on one particular module.
  • We are a problem-focused team and we apply standard architecture that is generally friendly for new joiners to learn.
  • The work is typically organized into two-week sprints with daily stand-up, sprint planning/grooming, and retrospective.
  • We honor the peer review process. You will review pull requests of teammates and write up the one-pager document to explain complicated features, or propose improvements.

Your impact:

  • As an iOS Engineer, you will be responsible for delivering a specific Amity iOS product/feature to the production as a part of an independent feature team.
  • As a member of the iOS Team, you will be responsible for maintaining and improving numerous Amity iOS products and you will contribute to the team by sharing your knowledge, experience or challenges that help build a stronger team.
  • As an Amity Employee, you will be taking ownership not only over the codebase you will be working with but the product you will be building as a whole.

Your day-to-day responsibilities:

  • Develop and maintain components/subsystems of iOS products.
  • Design and take ownership of the components/subsystems of iOS products.
  • Deliver releases of components/subsystems of iOS products, efficiently and on time.

Your ideal profile:

  • 3 years+ of iOS development experience. (Foundation, UIKit, Xcode)
  • Experience with both Objective-C and Swift.
  • Experience in building real-time applications, have a strong understanding of HTTP API and Web Socket.
  • Experience in client-side databases such as Realm.
  • Experience in Git and understand source version control concepts.
  • Understand Mobile Development Concepts such as offline-first, caching, life-cycle, reference and ownership, asynchronous, concurrency, security.
  • Understand App Efficiency Concepts such as memory constraint, performance bottleneck, resources utilization.
  • Familiar with Code Modularization such as frameworks separation.
  • Experience with iOS Deployment, have published one or more iOS apps.
  • Experience with iOS Deployment Automation is a plus.
  • Experience in building the tools that aid iOS Development & Deployment is a plus.
  • Highly resourceful team player with the ability to also work independently.
  • Working proficiency in English environment.

What’s in it for you:

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